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4 months ago

Happy August Void Guardians!,

This is going to be a bit of a long post but will be filled with useful information so lets get started.

Weekly Reddit Post
Yes this is back! Help us grow the community by up voting and commenting on our weekly reddit post! This has been proven to help grow the server even more than standard vote sites!

July Top Voter
This is another great way to grow the community through voting, you also get some lovely rewards :D
1st: Dgoosy: 247
2nd: VoidTenno: 240
3rd: SpruceGalaxy345: 231
Congrats to the Top Voters of July! Please #create-ticket under General Support to claim ur reward.

Bug Fixes
We been working hard at fixing bugs and wanted to let you all know about it! Remember to grab a Changelog ping role in #⭐️-roles to keep up to date with ur favorite servers! Some important bug fixes for Survival and Skyfactory if you did not catch them:

Future Updates Coming!
Skyfactory Tinkers update is coming very soon! What does that entail? Want a ping when this is available? Grab the @Skyfactory role in #⭐️-roles.
- Sf Guide changes to list what modifier goes on which items and the max level of the modifier.
- New Modifiers!?!? Yes! You will see an Experience modifier that takes ur EXP and levels ur tool more, Water breathing (in case you wanted to build an ocean on ur island), and a Healing modifier which is still being worked on.
- **!!!!!SOULBOUND CHANGES!!!!!** Soulbound will soon become a one time use modifier just like the Tinkers Construct mod, but the good news is that the modifier will no longer take a mod slot so it can be reapplied.
- Bug Fixes! Lumber modifier will finally give the full amount of logs from trees, Tinkers hoes will no longer go negative in durability, possibly more fixes soon!

We are continuing work on a massive update for Survival but we don't have much details yet. However I have opened up a new #survival-update-discussion channel where I will be sharing some details and asking for opinions on the update. Want to join? Grab the @Survival role in #⭐️-roles.

Soon a new leveling system will be introduced across the network where you can level up by doing basic game play actions to compete and earn gems! Not much details at this time but if you want the ping for when this is available, grab the @Network role in #⭐️-roles.

Make sure to say thank you to our lovely Builders, Devs, and Staff when you see them! Without our amazing team, a lot of this would not be possible!

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