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Discord: Skizzles#0001
IGN: ISkizzlesI
28 days ago

Hello hello! That project that I been referencing is finally here!

Let me introduce to you our network wide leveling plugin. Currently the plugin has 50 levels but will be expanded in the future to include more!

Stats Tracked
- Blocks Broken
- Blocks Placed
- Blocks Walked
- Kills
- Deaths
- Mob Kills
- Fish Caught
- Play Time

You earn exp from all the above stats which contributes to your network level. You can check these stats and your level using /level! Along with viewing your own stats you can also view others stats by doing /level (username).

This plugin is custom made to add placeholders to Scoreboard, Chat, hovering over someone's user in chat, and more!

Every 5 levels you get 250 gems, and every 25 levels you get 500 gems! (These may change in the future)

Soon there will be leaderboards in hub at /warp leaderboards, these will show top 5 people for each Stats above! This gives you a whole new way to compete with fellow community members!

What are you waiting for? Get to leveling!

Last edited: 27 days ago