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3 months ago

So what has changed in Survival?


You no longer use the enchant table to gain enchants. Enchant tables now open the GUI same as /warp enchant. However you can now merge all types of tools just like vanilla using the anvil. Villagers no longer give enchanted books due to these changes.


You gain tokens from actions randomly, but can get more tokens from places like the Member farm (requires member role), and gaining the Lucky enchant (Found through chest loot, fishing, entity drops like raids, and soon custom mobs).


Enchant prices have changed to match their rarity, their names have been updated so no weird alias, lots of different fixes occurred. Max enchant levels have been modified due to some being very OP like: Punch, Flame, Fire Aspect, Knockback, Looting, Fortune.


New Custom Enchants have been added: Lucky and McMMOExp


World Terrain


We have swapped to a completely new generator. This is packed with new biomes, cool new caves, new vegetation that changes colors depending on biomes, along with all the 1.17 stuff generating into the terrain in some way. Its literally like a brand new planet with how things generate!


You can view ur F3 menu to see custom biome names for any reports regarding generator issues



The end world has some decorations added into it. These include Purpur towers, random plants, obsidian rocks, and more. Spices up the end a bit!



All mobs from the custom mining plugin have their stats lowered to be less difficult. Leveling for custom mining is now easier. Identify times for artifacts and other items have all been decreased.



We removed a lot of useless items from crates. Raised amounts of certain rewards. We also have balanced a lot of percentages of rewards. All enchanted gear in crates now has no custom enchants due to complaints of different enchants and people not liking them. Instead they have max level vanilla enchants which still allows expansion.



All jobs got increased payouts, more methods for earning, reworked GUIs.



Messages, guis, and other things made to improve functionality.


What was removed?

- Slimefun

- Mypet

- Stacking spawners

- GriefPrevenetion Claiming

- Leveled Mobs


What was added?

- Custom chests /warp Customchests

- Artmap /warp artmap

- Player warp categories

- Towny claiming system /town help

- Ability to sell spawners


What was fixed?

- Different enchants not working like Soulbound.

- Player vaults losing items. 

- Rtp not finding a location in certain conditions.

- Fish text going off screen