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about 1 month ago

Halloween is coming soon Void Realms! To celebrate we got a few things planned for you guys.

Halloween Sale

From now until November 1st 2021 12:00AM PST, the store will be having a 30% off sale, with an extra 10% specifically on our Halloween Chat tags

Costume Contest

This competition is all about the best Halloween costume!

Please check out the rules before entering.


1st - $25 Store Credit

2nd - $15 Store Credit


1) Any submitted skins must follow our normal rules, this means any inappropriate skins and such will be automatically disqualified (and will lead to a restriction) and you will be unable to enter any future competitions.

2) Submission must follow the theme of the contest; we don't want to see just any skin. Use this competition to get creative! Any skin that doesn't follow the theme will automatically be disqualified.

3) One submission per player.

4) Skin **MUST** be created, don't just download a skin. It does not have to be perfect so try your best and have fun!

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in disqualification


Deadline for submissions is Monday November 1st 2021, good luck! :jack_o_lantern: 

You can submit via this form: