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Skyfactory Minion Replacement, The Introduction to Void Harvesters!
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about 1 month ago

Minions replacement is here!!

You can find these inside the Slimefun guide category "Void Harvesters".

What are Harvesters?

They are a hybrid of Slimefun Androids and Minions that provide the below features:

- Fuel/Energy system that connects directly to SF energy and allows fuel from vanilla sources.

- Cargo support! directly connect your cargo nodes to the Harvester to transport items/fuel.

- Different types for different actions: Miner, Butcher, Fisher, Farmer.

- Different upgrades that you can make to extend range or do special abilities.

- Everything can be crafted, no purchases or anything.

- Built in with Karma to get increased limits.


How many do we get?

Currently, you get 1 Harvester of each type added to ur total on each Karma rank up. So a total of 7 of each type. **THIS IS THE DEFAULT SETUP** Feel free to provide feedback on these limits, we would love to hear your thoughts


Where can I learn more?

I truly believe in exploring new features, so please take some time to explore them and have fun with the new content. We will have a wiki article and an info warp created once we are sure of the limits and such.


What is missing from this update?

Well guys we wanted to get these in your hands as soon as possible so we are still working on a few things:

- Woodcutter Harvester

- Upgrades for the Woodcutter

- A display to see what level the Harvester is at for different stats


Please feel free to provide feedback on how difficult to obtain, how the limits are, and whatever else you may like/dislike about the harvesters via #suggestions.


Special shoutout to FluffyBear for all his hard work in creating this addon for you guys! Please tell him thank you.



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