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Towny Enchanting Improvements
ISkizzlesI Owner Web Admin Member Player
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about 1 month ago

Just a reminder if you missed the changelogs, I wanted to reference some enhancements to enchanting.

- Higher Token amounts are now gained from all methods (Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Killing, etc).

- Lucky Enchant now has higher amounts of tokens as well!

- Mending can now be obtained from the Uncommon crate at /warp crates.

- Mending can now be gained from a Wandering Trader for 64 Crying Obsidian! Get to collecting!

- EXP Exchange now is 30 levels for 100 tokens.

- Mending is now on Legendary Crate Gear!

Do you have more improvements to the enchant system? Great! Send us a suggestion on Discord or in our Forums!