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Survival Survival (Slimefun) Release!!
ISkizzlesI Owner Web Admin Member Player
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29 days ago

Hey whats up, we got a brand spankin new Survival Slimefun server available NOW.

What does this have?

- 1.18.1 Content and Terrain

- Head Database

- Slimefun

- Tinkers

- Auction House

- GriefPrevention (Shovel Claiming)

- Our Server Shops

- Chest Shops

- Player Warps

- Vanilla Terrain

- Resource World

- Void Storage

- Void Harvesters (Currently limited to 1 per)

- Fluffy Machines

- TranscEndence

- Dynatech

- ExtraTools

- Slimy Treetaps

- Simple Utils

- Exotic Garden

- Eco-Power

- LiteXpansion

Current Known Issues

- Cosmetics are not functioning

- Store purchases from https://store.voidrealms.net/ are not being sent through

If you experience any other issues please open a ticket through #support on Discord!

Want to see more on this Server?

This was pretty much a copy of our Skyfactory server with a few modifications and additions, we would highly appreciate any Suggestions on what to add. Missing something that old Adventure servers had? Want something changed/added? #suggestions :)


Thanks guys and see you online! ❤️

Special Credit to marvjosh as he helped me the most with this!

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