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Rules Update
ISkizzlesI Owner Web Admin Member Player
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9 days ago

We have seen an increase in inappropriate chat on the server in regards to gender and sexuality from trolling behavior. Let me make this clear to everyone, Void Realms welcomes anyone of any race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. EVERYONE is welcome to call Void their home.


In response to that we have modified our rules to remove "Verbal Warnings" as a guaranteed 1st offense. You are encouraged to read our server rules as we will be enforcing them a bit more strict from here on out.
Staff are still encouraged to resolve a dispute with players and issue Verbal Warnings for smaller offenses or non frequent offenders but this should not be expected.


If you disagree with how a staff member handled a situation, you can always file a report via #support via the "Staff Feedback" option.


Thanks :)

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