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Applications Page
2 minute read
Hia Void Guardians!

Wanted to share our NEW applications page: https://voidrealms.net/apply
You can now easily select a staff position to apply for, view the requirements, take your time filling out the fields, all without the hassle of discord channels and worrying about us watching and waiting.

What does this improve?:
- More organized area for applications
- Easy access to viewing requirements
- Less stress / hassle when applying for staff
- Ability to view previous applications you submitted.
- Ability to see the status of an application.

Possible Questions:
- Won't this mean it will take longer for staff to respond to applications?
I would like to say that this will improve our response times and allow for easier, quicker, and more efficient management of the applications we receive.

- How does this benefit us?
Have you ever been denied and wanted to improve for next time but you could not view your old application? This now allows you to do that and read the feedback given from whoever answers your application.

- How do I view my previous submissions?
You can access them from the "user icon" on the left side > account > submissions (https://screenshots.skizzles.me/wAnA3/hayovaKi62.png). Any applications on Discord previously will not be shown, but this will help for the future.

- How does this improve response times?
We have an applications feed channel that pings directly for new applications (https://screenshots.skizzles.me/wAnA3/hoGUYUXa67.png).  Pairing this with some labels we can easily see what applications need a response and what do not (https://screenshots.skizzles.me/wAnA3/HePuTIHI06.png).

If you have any questions about applying you are welcome to ask an Admin or above, if you experience issues with this process then please file a bug report in #🎫|support on Discord.

Thanks! ❤

*P.S - Shout out to @Tin#7320 for his help with some webhook modifications.*
Towny 2.0 Release
Towny 2.0 Release
The long awaited Towny update is coming, the server whitelist will be turned off at July 1, 2022 12:00 PM (PDT). What all has been changed, added, removed? Check out the changelogs on Discord for all the details!
1 minute read
Bedrock/Java 1.19 Connections
Bedrock/Java 1.19 Connections
You can now connect to the server with Minecraft 1.19!

Couple things to note:
- You may experience higher ping than normal as I am working on improving our Network proxy.
- Bedrock skins are not currently working and there are some slight errors...
1 minute read
May Top Voters
May Top Voters
- 1st: TimePilot
- 2nd: Dgoosy
- 3rd: AmrothXD
Winners please open a General Support Ticket to receive your $20 store coupon!

Want free store credit? Get to voting for the server! Not only do you get rewards but it helps the server gain new...
1 minute read