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1.19.1 Support - What about Chat Reporting?
3 minute read

After over 24 hours of pain and suffering at the hands of trivial Minecraft updates.... 1.19.1 is now supported on the network. Lets go over a few topics that I have received questions about.


Chat Reporting

Chat Reporting is currently not supported on Void Realms and all messages sent on the server are encrypted server side to block their contents from being sent to Microsoft/Mojang.

What is Chat Reporting?
Instead of me explaining, here is a couple articles that outline Java Chat Reporting and how it effects you.


Why do you not have it enabled?

Currently the effects of plugins and other software is unknown with this "feature" and I frankly don't care to be a test dummy for Chat Reporting nor have my network I pay for be moderated and regulated by Microsoft/Mojang at this time (Which I have every right to do and Microsoft/Mojang have no grounds to say otherwise).


What about those Child Groomers, Hate Speech filled jerks, and all the other nasty things on Java?

We already remove these people from Void ourselves and report Child Grooming and Pedophiles to Mojang directly (and will continue to do so), as for Hate Speech we currently do not have plans to report this to Mojang/Microsoft nor any other violations outside of Child Grooming/Pedophiles UNTIL we as a team can discuss how we wish to handle procedures for it.


Will there be any changes to rules, player reports, or anything else due to 1.19.1?

At this time there is no changes determined for anything, this is just a version update.

My Opinion

Quite a few community members have asked my opinion on Chat Reporting and I want to give my official opinion and stance on the feature. Overall I feel that Chat Reporting is good for the Minecraft community as every MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game has some for of reporting to keep the community free of toxicity. Java for years has been filled with hate and toxicity, there are entire communities dedicated to the "Klu Klux Klan" and slavery, there is entire Neo-Nazi servers, there is communities where child grooming and pedophiles roam free without consequences... Frankly as a server owner and as a human being I can't sit by and let things like that be allowed in my community, and if I can help get rid of these cases on a larger scale then I (and you) should be all for it.


My goal has always been to keep our community safe and free of toxicity and hate, this goal has not changed. Please feel free to keep reporting rule breakers directly to us and I give my guarantee that we will handle them accordingly.

If any of you have questions (or even your parents or guardians do) you are more than welcome to reach out to me with the methods below:
Discord: Skizzles#0001
Email: Skizzles@voidrealms.net


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