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Feedback Responses
2 minute read
Wanted to start off by thanking everyone for the feedback provided as we will be using it to improve the Network!
All current submissions have had their gems awarded

Usernames and Anonymous Feedback
Thank you to those who allowed us to use your username when discussing feedback as this helps to know what modes you play on and what content you actively use. Let me make a note to those who provided Anonymous Feedback. Quite a lot of the anonymous feedback was positive and constructive, so thank you to those who used it for the intended purpose.

Content Feedback
Below you can see peoples favorite/least favorite content on the server, this was quite helpful so we can see what current content could be improved. Players were pretty even 53.2%/46.8% for Current/New Content being worked on, so I would say we are doing quite well managing everything so far. Thank you for the feedback!
 Most Favorite Content
Least Favorite Content
 Quality of Content

Gem Shop and Voting Feedback
Clearly gem shop could use some improvements, we will actively be working on new items in the gem shop and look into lowering gem shop prices once we finish the new content. We also have raised the gems rewarded from voting as people wanted more gems to be rewarded.

Staff Feedback
Wow the amazing response in regards to our Staff team! Seems the majority of our staff are doing an amazing job assisting you guys! I will be providing feedback to all of our staff members on what they are doing well and some improvements they could use based off everyone's response. We also are working on our response time in tickets and expanding our Staff team to cover more time zones.
Current Staff Rating

Overall Community Feedback
Seems people stayed for the friendly community, quick updates, friendly staff team, and more! We definitely have accomplished our goals of providing you guys an amazing community.
 Overall Rating

Wanted to thank you guys again for the incredible feedback (and the personal feedback), we will be trying to reach out to every person who provided a response to the form as soon as possible... however if we somehow miss messaging you, all the feedback given is incredibly useful.

- Skizzles
February Community Update
February Community Update
I'm gonna try to do these once a month to let y'all know how the server is progressing and I am doing as well. Player Ranks/Crates/Enchant Plugin Wow been about 2 months since I said this was almost done... I am terribly sorry for the delay and...
2 minute read
Store Changes
Store Changes
Due to the current movement of our Void Realms store to a new platform, please read the following changes coming to the store. Store Changes - Adding Gems to be purchased from the store. This will allow the gems to be used as a central currency...
2 minute read
January Top Voters
January Top Voters
January Top Voters 🥇1st: Dgoosy (291 votes) 🥈2nd: ThoroV (277 votes) 🥉3rd: Matheforme1n (273 votes)   Winners please open a General Support Ticket on our discord server to receive your $20 store coupon! Thank you to everyone who continues to help...
1 minute read