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April Community Update
3 minute read

April Community Update


Survival - Quests?

We are still pushing forward with adding some quests, these are being worked on but will take a bit longer than expected. Please see the reminder portion of this announcement for the reason why. We also showed a new addon that will replace ExoticGarden.


Skyfactory 2.0 Update Continued

We recently had an addon made for our Skyblock plugin, along with the new slimefun addon that will replace ExoticGarden.


Towny - Datapack updates

These updates to the datapack require 1.19.4 so I have been working on updating everything to run off 1.19.4. With quite a few issues I been patching this has delayed things a bit. It's still being worked on though.


Creative - Nothing at this time

⁠📫|suggestions if you would like some changes done for Creative!


Kingdoms - No progress to report

Been super busy working on the other game modes and have not had time to work on this yet.


Other Updates

- Rewards for voting on all 9 vote sites was completed and you guys seemed to love.

- Additional Vote Party rewards like the network level booster seems you guys enjoyed that too.

- We are adventuring into further automated enforcement opportunities and will have more info soon.


Staff Restructure

Due to quite a few staff leaving the team, we decided it was a good time to restructure our team. Our Lead Builder, Lead Dev, and Events Team Leader are now all Admins and will be tasked with leading their specific teams. Some details below.

Events Team - Lead by Ploof 

Dev Team - Lead by FluffyBear and Skizzles

Build Team - Lead by Hangbride 

Support Team (Tickets/Player Questions) - Lead by CreeperJockeyJr and Solar


This means every team is now managed by Solar to make things easier.


If you need support please still use ⁠🎫|support and realize that not every Admin will be tasked to assist as they have specific roles.


What about you Skizz?

Recently had another death in my family as my oldest sister lost the child she was expecting. This hit my family pretty hard and I took some time away a few weeks back for that. Otherwise I been really stressed with helping my family in multiple other things to the point where sometimes when I sit down at my desk the last thing I want to do is server work. I start my new job Monday so that should be a bit stressful starting out but will relieve quite a bit of stress after I get going. Otherwise I don't think I'm doing as alright as last month but am trying my best to keep on moving.



I realize that a lot of our updates are slow, but understand we are a smaller team working on a decent sized Network and naturally the more game modes we have the longer updates will take. Quite a few updates rely on myself to do, so being encouraging and supportive is always the best way to help get things out.


Hope you guys enjoy the read and thank you for playing. ❤️ 

Merged Mode Information
Merged Mode Information
Merged Mode Information Merging everything together will be a decent amount of work so please expect this to take a bit, we will be asking questions and requesting votes on things so please be as attentive as you can to the discord for the next...
2 minute read
New Skyfactory and Survival Slimefun Addon
New Skyfactory and Survival Slimefun Addon
New Skyfactory and Survival Slimefun Addon   For best results when using this addon, it is recommended to play on 1.19.4 for new display entities. Otherwise you will see an armor stand instead.   Cultivation Slimefun Addon is on Survival and...
2 minute read
April Top Voters
April Top Voters
April Top Voters   1st 🥇: Dgoosy (272 Votes) 2nd 🥈: DsBeos1790 (262 Votes) 3rd 🥉: DemmyDarkness (254 Votes)   Winners please open a General Support Ticket in ⁠🎫|support to receive your $20 store coupon!   Thank you to everyone who votes to help...
1 minute read