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Survival Fishing Update
2 minute read
Why hello there! Maybe you enjoy fishing? Maybe you find fishing terrible in minecraft and want content for it? Introducing PyroFishing! A plugin built by Sr Dev Pyro known to offer an amazing fishing experience for everyone!

What does PyroFishing have:
(If you played Towny then skip to below)
- GUI built for all your fishing needs (/fish menu)
- Easy command list with (/fish)
- Sell fish in a dedicated fish shop (/fish shop)
- Deliveries, similar to daily quests to catch specific fish (/fish deliveries)
- Fish bag for storing fish in (/fish bag)
- Scales for weighing fish to possibly gain more money (/fish scales)
- Gutting fish for entropy/items (/fish gut)
- A Skills system to boost your fishing experience (/fish skills)
- Augments, which are similar to custom enchants purely for the fishing plugin. Also compatible with Tinkers! (/fish augment)
- Totems that enhance your fishing experience in a specific area!
- Fishing Stats to see just how much you love fishing and compare your stats to others (/fish stats)
What value does this add to community and player interaction?
- Tournaments to compete in for rewards!
- A Codex with who caught a fish first! Be the first to catch said fish (/fish codex)

For people who haven't played Towny
But Skizz, isnt this on other servers? Well of course but not every server has the developer of the plugin here that could help with ideas you guys may have! What is special on Void Realms:
- Custom textures for fish (Some are missing textures currently and we are working on that)
- Custom Bait used for catching specific fish (/fish bait)
- 75 Custom Fish (at this time) for you guys to catch, all give Slimefun items or Tinkers exp or maybe something more!
- Squid and Dolphin spawners that can be used to help get Augments.

For more in depth information you can view our Towny section of https://wiki.voidrealms.net/ "Custom Fishing", we soon will have a designated area in the Survival section for this update, see changelogs on Discord for any developments on fishing after this update.

Thanks to:
- Sr Admin Nekosity for the quick install and the creation of Fish.
- Sr Dev Rene for his quick thinking and ideas to get PyroFishing to work with Tinkers.
- Sr Dev FluffyBear for the original code used for this fix.
- Sr Dev Pyro for the amazing plugin.

See you on the server!
February Community Update
February Community Update
I'm gonna try to do these once a month to let y'all know how the server is progressing and I am doing as well. Player Ranks/Crates/Enchant Plugin Wow been about 2 months since I said this was almost done... I am terribly sorry for the delay and...
2 minute read
Store Changes
Store Changes
Due to the current movement of our Void Realms store to a new platform, please read the following changes coming to the store. Store Changes - Adding Gems to be purchased from the store. This will allow the gems to be used as a central currency...
2 minute read
January Top Voters
January Top Voters
January Top Voters 🥇1st: Dgoosy (291 votes) 🥈2nd: ThoroV (277 votes) 🥉3rd: Matheforme1n (273 votes)   Winners please open a General Support Ticket on our discord server to receive your $20 store coupon! Thank you to everyone who continues to help...
1 minute read