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Merge Release Date
3 minute read

Merge Release Date

Hello my peoples,


First off, holy shit did that take a while ... I am pleased announce that our merged Towny and Survival mode will be released August 18, 2023 2:00 PM.


What can you expect?

Well as previously stated this is a merged mode of Survival and Towny, the following features will be present:

  • Slimefun (Previously on Survival)
  • Slimefun Addons: SupplementalServiceableness, Networks, CrystamaeHistoria, ExtraTools, SlimefunOreChunks, EcoPower, DynaTech, HeadLimiter, SlimeHUD, SfCalc, SimpleUtils, Netheopoiesis, SlimyTreeTaps, FluffyMachines, and Void Expansion.
  • Towny Style Claiming (A better version than most servers have)
  • Mob Arena (previously on Survival)
  • PyroFishing, PyroMining, and new PyroFarming
  • Merged Crates together from both modes along with a few new items (like PyroFarming items for example)
  • Jobs (Previously on Towny)
  • Custom Terrain, Structures, Dimensions, Items, and Structure Protection and relooting of Structures (Previously on Towny)
  • Skills System (Previously on Towny)
  • Player Ranks with added Skills requirements
  • Couple new Gem Shop items
  • New Resourcepack textures (with more coming soon)
  • Player Vaults (Previously on Towny)
  • Custom Mobs (Like Hedgehogs and Penguins for example)
  • SafariNets (Added reusable ones to be gotten from crates, and ability to pickup custom mobs)
  • All 1.20 content to be on the server

Along with all other previous content that was on Towny.


Hot Topics (Things that you may or may not like)

No Admin Shop (/shop)

Through our years of development and testing, we have found that admin shops really suck the fun out of a lot of the game (especially with slimefun), leading to destroyed economies and little player interaction. With that we have decided to not have ANY admin shop at this time. We may revist this topic in the future.



With a lot of testing and deciding, we have disabled quite a few Slimefun items that suck the fun out of the game or are completely useless. In the future we are looking at limiting some of these to be X amount per player, we are also open to the topic of enabling some as long as we can all have a respectful discussion on it. These items include:

  • Auto Crafters
  • Auto Enchanters/Disenchanters
  • Soulbound items
  • Countless tools and armors that are repetitive and not needed
  • Auto Brewer, Drier, Breeder, and other Auto type machines
  • Removing TransEndence Addon as a whole
  • Removing ExtraTools cobblestone generator
  • Quite a few other misc items that break the spirit of surviving in the game


Realize we are open to the topic of enabling items, editing them, and even limiting them in other ways! Just have a conversation with us :)



A lot of time has been put into this, not everything will be perfect or to your liking. Give it a chance and work with us on suggesting improvements and I guarantee we can find an outcome that everyone is happy with. We would LOVE to hear your feedback and work with you on crafting things into a fun experience.


Small Note

After the release Skizz will be taking a bit of a mental health break so new features and such will not be worked on for a few weeks due to a lot of stress and pushing through it to finish this update, its taken a bit of a toll on him. You can expect some bug fixes during that time!


You can expect a full detailed changelog very soon!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in ⁠our community help channel and everyone feel free to express ur interest here: https://discord.gg/voidrealms?event=1141219020050276373



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