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Survival - Claim Flags & Rank Menu Overhaul
3 minute read
What's up everyone! Hope you're all having a great day as you're reading this. As some of you may have already noticed there's been some new additions as well as some changes regarding player ranks! This post will go more in detail about these changes, so let's get started!

Claim Flags
First off, claim flags! We decided that you all deserve the ability to better protect your claim from harm and so we have implemented claim flags! To get started just stand in the claim you want to put flags and use /setflag <flag>! But wait what flags are there? Glad you asked! You have some default flags to begin with as it's important to be able to properly protect your claim, those flags are:
  • Enter/Exit Message (Great for playerwarps, more specifically shops!)
  • NoChorusFruit (Prevents players from trying to teleport around you base using chorus!)
  • NoElytra (Prevents players from trying to use an elytra within your claim!)
  • NoFlight (Prevents players from flying within your claim)
  • OwnerFlight (Allows you, the owner of the claim, to fly if NoFlight is enabled)
  • NoEnderPearl (Prevents players from using enderpearls in your claim)
  • RaidMemberOnly (Only members of your claim can trigger raids! Great if you have a trading hall)
  • ReadLectern (Gives permission to allow players to read books on lecterns)
  • NoVehicles (Can't use boats or minecarts!)
  • ViewContainer (Allows players to view the contents of stuff like chests but not edit them!)
But that's not all! As I said these are just to start with, along with the rank menu overhaul, ranks got an improvement as well! Check out /playerranks to view what ranks you can get new claim flags at, such as keeping levels, regenerating health, and even no hunger!

Rank Overhaul & New Rewards
Speaking of the rank menu overhaul, let's go over that now shall we? The main most noticeable change is that the menu looks totally different. In order to make it easier to read the requirements and rewards, we split them up between two different items! A block and a map. Hover over the block to view requirements and rank up, hover over the map to see what rewards that rank gets! The biggest overhaul to the rank menu is it will now automatically detect when you meet the requirements as well as what ranks you already have! So if you see a gold block, that means you're ready to rankup to the next rank! Just click it and voila, you'll rank up and the block will turn diamond! And it will stay diamond so you know which ranks you've already gotten. Awesome quality of life right? Probably the most important change everyone's been dying to see, the ability to fly for players who can't afford sorcerer! That's right, if you get to rank 20 you'll unlock /claimfly and be able to fly around in your claim and anyone else's claim that you're trusted in! That's all we have for you today, stay tuned for more updates and if you have any ideas for improvements be sure to suggest them on our discord or the forums!

Competition Reminder
P.S. Just a reminder we still have a competition going on for the top 3 players to reach the current max rank first! Check out below for information on what rewards you can earn!
  • 1st - $20 Store Credit
  • 2nd - $10 Store Credit
  • 3rd - $5 Store Credit
December Top Voters
December Top Voters
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Build Competition Restrictions
Build Competition Restrictions
It has come to our attention that some players are already talking about using Litematica, Schematica, or other mods that are disallowed for the build comp. Creative will not be allowing connections from Fabric, Forge, Lunar, and other modified...
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November Top Voters
November Top Voters
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