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October Community Update
2 minute read

October Community Update


We have identified a server connection issue between our server machine and vote site 8, this is actively being investigated. At this time I have no further information as the vote site owner has refused to assist with the investigation even though multiple sources are pointing that its an issue on his end. I will update on this in the future.


These issues have been patched:

  • Enchants giving level 0 or disabled from countless sources.
  • MagmaWalker enchant errors have been patched

Further issues being worked on:

  • Mob Arena (Requires coding which is being worked on)
  • Enderpearls being disabled, mobs spawning in towns, other town misc issues (Requires coding which is being worked on)
  • All additional reported issues are queued to be worked on but are lower priority than the above.


We have discussion for a reset going on here: ⁠Skyblock reset

Currently no further information.


We are still working on the previously talked about store content. However I have begun implementing the cosmetics system.


All Wiki changes are being posted in ⁠⭐|changelogs, between updated articles and new ones we hope these are useful! If you have any ideas for an article or something you would love more info on then please submit in ⁠📫|suggestions 


We recently had a movie night, have an art competition going, and are always open to hear about more event types! Please feel free to submit ideas in ⁠📫|suggestions 


We are still looking for additional team members. However due to a shortage of applicants and team members I have moved towards automating a lot of staff processes, these include:

  • Automated chat filter punishments (this has been in progress for a while but will be being pushed forward sooner).
  • Automated detection of hacked clients/mods (currently in the testing phase and will be limited just to alerting staff, in the future will automatic punish players).
  • Automated logging of our bugs from tickets onto our development board (investigating the best way to approach this).

All of these will hopefully limit the work our administration team has to do and allow us to further focus on delivering content to you guys.

Skizzles Update

I been doing alright (well thats a lie), but I overall feel healthier and am overcoming a lot of mental health challenges. I appreciate everyones patience and those who allow me to be open about these things!

Hope you enjoy the community update! 

October Top Voter
October Top Voter
October Top Voter 🎃 1st 🥇: Dgoosy (258 Votes) 2nd 🥈: DsBeos1790 (230 Votes) 3rd 🥉: GeriIreg (220 Votes) Winners please open a General Support Ticket to receive your $20 store coupon! Thank you to everyone who votes to help our server grow! We...
1 minute read
Skyblock Reset Interest
Skyblock Reset Interest
Skyblock Reset Interest Hey all, As the suggestion I pointed out before only had 14 reactions, I am going to use this announcement to see how many are interested in a Skyblock (Skyfactory) reset. This would include a few feature updates, a bit of...
1 minute read
Pyromining Halloween Event - Towny
Pyromining Halloween Event - Towny
Pyromining Halloween Event Hi Everyone! The Pyromining Halloween Event has started on Towny. This event is ongoing now from 10/23/2022 to 11/08/22. This event includes a limited time vessel for your pickaxe that gives a higher chance to get...
1 minute read