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4 months ago
Suggestion Tokens EXP buy

Suggestion: Change token purchase option from exp levels to exp amount equivalent(100 lvl =29,315 exp)

Reason: I know this hasn't been implemented yet, but I figured because of that it might be better to suggest it now rather than after. From what I can peak from /warp Enchant one of the 2 available options to buy tokens that will be available apart from them possibly dropping from other stuff as it is implemented is using vanilla exp levels.

While I agree with the levels needed so its balanced to be reasonable to grind but not exploit, I do believe that using exp levels instead of raw exp is not fair for those of us who accumulate exp over the level of 100 before using it. If the system works using exp levels and u have 200 levels saved up u can only purchase the tokens 2 times, even though the raw exp quantity you would be paying is far higher than going from lvl 0 to 100 2 times( which would give u the same amount of tokens).

The problem lies in the fact that the higher your level the more exp you need to level up, and since that is not a linear growth, if someone with 200 lvls spends them on tokens they would have actually paid 155k raw exp for the same amount of tokens you would get by going from 0 to 100, 2 times which would only cost roughly 60k exp. This is a big loss of exp if the system is implemented with exp levels instead of raw exp cost, and the exp loss just increases the higher amount of exp lvl you have. 

I understand that maybe for most people this wouldn't really be a problem because they won't save up levels past 100, but for some it would be, hence why I am suggesting this change from 100 exp levels to 30k raw exp. The cost will be the same, but it will better calculate the actual effort one had to put into grinding that amount.

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