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4 months ago
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3 months ago
Build Competition Suggestion

Suggestion: Starter island build competition 

Since there is only 2 options of starter islands for the new Sky-factory reset, i was thinking maybe there could be a build competition  where staff can set some rules about what can be on your island to make sure its balanced

I was thinking there could be 3 different types of islands you can make

  • Overworld
  • Nether
  • The End

Of course its up to staff, they might not even want know start islands :P

Please let me know what ya think



3 months ago
Discord Bot Suggestion

Suggestion: Adding another music bot to the discord
Reason: it seems not alot of people use the Rythm bot but the same two people keep using it (me and another player) so we cant listen to our own music since we are both trying to use the same bot
perhaps another music bot can be added pls

4 months ago
Plugin Suggestion

Suggestion: Add MCMMO Horses to survival
Reason: I think it would be a good none  major game changing plugin that could just be something to add to the list of things players can decide to grind or completely ignore

MCMMO horses allows you to level up your horse in different category's :

Swiftness - Increases the speed of your horse (Activates when the horse jumps)

Agility - Increases the chance of dodging attacks (Activates when the horse is attacked)

Vitality - Increases the health of your horse (Instantly activates- Increases when your horse is attacked)

Wrath - Temporarily disables damage and increases speed (Activates when the horse is attacked with a projectile/ thorns)



SQLite support
Summon/banish horses
Horse ownership (protection configurable)
Horse skills/abilities
Multiple horses
Horse claim/buy/sell (Vault)
Horse scoreboard
More config options
More admin commands
More permissions
Horse Races integration
Skill leader board

Link for if u want to take a look yourself

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