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Great Owner deals with BAN's well kind, funny Owner.


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10 hours ago
February Top Voter

Good Morning Void Guardians!

This time we got our Top Voter rewards fresh out of the oven. All Top Voter logging issues should be resolved so we can continue on with giving out these awesome rewards.

First Place: DarkLinkS         ($20 Store Coupon)
Second Place: Database90 ($10 Store Coupon)

Congrats to our Winners, please dm me on Discord: Skizzles#0001 for your rewards.

Do you want to get some store credit to be used on ranks, crate keys, pets, and more? Get to voting and win that top voter for March :)

1 day ago
Survival - Custom Mining Release

The Custom Mining plugin has been installed and fully setup on Survival. Go to /warp mine for more details!

Fluxes - Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market.

Gemstones - These Gemstones will have more features in the future. They can currently be sold to the mining market as well.

Rune Dust - Gained from Refining 'Mysterious Dust' in a Refinery. Used to summon Rune Guardians to earn runes.

Refinery - A multi-block structure that allows you to grind Mysterious Dust down into other useful items. See the spoiler on how to make one.

Runes - You get these from killing Rune Guardians. You summon these with Rune Dust by clicking on Redstone Ore.

Zeta - This is the custom currency for mining, this is currently used to upgrade passives. You can get Zeta from breaking ores when mining.

Singularity - Kill Rune Guardians to harness their power and upgrade skills to aid you on your journey.

Vessels - Custom Enchantments for pickaxes.

Artifacts and Fossils - Unique drops that rewards players for mining.

Mining Level (Skill Tree Coming Soon) - This is used to spend skill points on perks, such as increasing your Zeta gain or the maximum number of passive slots.

Oracles - These are end-game bosses that you can fight using Oracleite. These Oracles will drop items that can increase your maximum passive slots and more.


Disclaimer: *Any and all features being added to survival may be unbalanced, if you find something that is considered "too good to be true" you should report these via a support ticket. Staff are not responsible for any restrictions that may be issued from abuse.*


Grab the Survival and Mercury roles in #dev-progress to join in the merge discussion.


11 days ago
Aurora - Quest Progression Reset and New Quests!

All quest progression has been reset in order to test a new linear quest system, this will focus on guiding through progression and teaching different aspects of Aurora which should help new and old players.


Please provide any suggestions and feedback in #suggestions on Discord!

11 days ago
Survival - Jobs Overhaul Update

Just added in a major update to the entire Jobs system on Survival, this includes an entire GUI to manage your jobs progress using /jobs. This should allow you guys to have more info on the entire jobs system and be able to suggest more changes.




- New Statistics menu to show your progress in different jobs.

- New Skill tree menu to show rewards and progress on specific jobs.

- New REWORKED Jobs Shop! Introducing some decent items you can acquire, feel free to suggest more!

- New REWORKED Jobs Browse menu! Easily see which jobs you are in, which are available, the payout on the job, and much more!

- New Jobs Help menu. Shows useful commands that can be used for shortcuts.


Suggestions welcome in #suggestions, any exploits/bugs are to be reported in #create-ticket both on Discord.

19 days ago
Store Update, 25% Off Sale, Reduced Tag Prices, Limited Content!

Hello Void Guardians!

Store Update

+ Added Claim Block purchases under the Survival section of the store (Feel free to leave feedback in #suggestions)

- Reduced all Chat tag prices including Custom Chat tags!

+ Added Limited Time Valentines Day tags!


25% OFF SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate Valentines day we are having a 25% off sale for everything in our server store! Get those limited time tags for 25% off or any other items your heart desires! This sale ends February 15th at 12am PST.


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