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Hi Jessica,
nice to meet you! Im Marv, you can pretty much always find me on the server if you have any questions :)

Introduction 11 months ago

Heya everyone,

since no one has done their introduction yet, I will start off with mine here :)
My ingame name marvjosh but you can also call me Marv and variations of it as long as they dont get too weird. I am 17 years old, from germany and currently am a SrMod on the server after I joined the staff team in late August 2020. My main gamemode is Aurora, but I have been spending some time on Survival lately aswell. When on the server I try to always help out everyone that needs assistance (also with slimefun and its components) and generally I would describe myself as a pretty active and helpful person, as I have also created multiple wiki pages on various stuff on the server. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message ingame or DM me on discord, they are always open! (marvjosh#0190)

Thats gonna be it for my short intro here! :P

First intro, I guess :D 12 months ago

Mfw Neko is only a member :eyes:

Mfw i make the first forum post 12 months ago