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Hello hello!

I have gone ahead and improved a lot of the Networks visual appearance! Some things changed:
- New MOTD's on each server to be more modern.
- New TAB on each server that is more organized and displays more people that are on your current server.
- New Multiplayer Server page MOTD and Hover messages.
- Better visuals for Health below Players names.
- Removing "0 Health" from showing on all NPCS.

Hope you enjoy!

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We have seen an increase in inappropriate chat on the server in regards to gender and sexuality from trolling behavior. Let me make this clear to everyone, Void Realms welcomes anyone of any race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. EVERYONE is welcome to call Void their home.


In response to that we have modified our rules to remove "Verbal Warnings" as a guaranteed 1st offense. You are encouraged to read our server rules as we will be enforcing them a bit more strict from here on out.
Staff are still encouraged to resolve a dispute with players and issue Verbal Warnings for smaller offenses or non frequent offenders but this should not be expected.


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You want magic? We have magic to give to you!
Starting after today's daily restart, you will find a new magical category in your Slimefun guide which you can explore and work on.

Crystamae Historia
Not only flowers can hold magical powers, basically every item can in the form of crystals! You get the endless possibilities to make over 50 unique spells to use, more than 600 stories to get and a lot more gadgets like paint brushes to colo...

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Hey whats up, we got a brand spankin new Survival Slimefun server available NOW.

What does this have?

- 1.18.1 Content and Terrain

- Head Database

- Slimefun

- Tinkers

- Auction House

- GriefPrevention (Shovel Claiming)

- Our Server Shops

- Chest Shops

- Player Warps

- Vanilla Terrain

- Resource World

- Void Storage

- Void Harvesters (Currently limited to 1 per)

- Fluffy Machines

- TranscEndence

- Dynatech

- ExtraTools

- Slimy Treetaps

- Simple Utils

- Exotic Garden

- Eco-Power

- LiteXpansion

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Hi Hi Donors!

Tired of gaining gems to get World Edit perks on creative? You now get free perks with your donor rank!

All ranks get the below ranks commands as well
View them below:

Place Armor Stands
Place Minecarts

/heads [player]


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