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Good Morning Void Guardians!


Skyfactory is now released and open! Those of you who have waited to play.... NOW IS YOUR TIME!


Please report any issues via #create-ticket on discord.


Long time without a ping... I wanted to address some concerns and development on Aurora.


As you all know Aurora is sitting pretty low on player count and I know it's taken us an incredible amount of time to get this finished so I apologize.


Where we sit with development:

As you can see in #dev-progress we are incredibly close to being done.. we only need to finalize things with karma, fix small tinkers issues, and then finish up a few more quests for release.


More content updates and quests will be added after release as well.


Thank you all for the continued support and patience!


Hello Void Guardians,


We have updated our website to move all server suggestions to there.  You can view that under "Forums" and go to the "Suggestions" category here:


All new suggestions will be sent automatically to #suggestions through a webhook so you can still keep up to date with suggestions being made.


Please be sure to add your specific server/discord label when making a suggestion.


Custom Fishing

- Tournament time has been lowered to every 3 hours

- Changed the Perception augment values to max out at 1.50

- The Fishing plugin has been updated to now allow catching Mythical fish

- Fixed various lore on fish and other items

- Changed Hotspot percentage to go up to 45% (previously 32)

- Changed Call of the Storm percentage to go up to 65% (previously 50)

- Changed Entropy cost for Call of the Storm from 40k to 55k

- Changed Entropy cost for Hotspot from 50k to 85k

- Increased Crab chance catch rate with Crab Bait augment


Thanks to Admin Neko for the suggestion and changes!

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