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Survival Reset Survival
 ISkizzlesI •   14 days ago •  29

So what has changed in Survival?


You no longer use the enchant table to gain enchants. Enchant tables now open the GUI same as /warp enchant. However you can now merge all types of tools just like vanilla using the anvil. Villagers no longer give enchanted books due to these changes.


You gain tokens from actions randomly, but can get more tokens from places like the Member farm (requires member role), and gaining the Lucky enchant (Found through chest loot, fishing, entity drops like raids, and soon custom mobs).


Enchant prices have changed to match their rarity, their names have been updated so no weird alias, lots of different fixes occurred. Max enchant levels...

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NEW Network Wide Leveling!
 ISkizzlesI •   28 days ago •  44

Hello hello! That project that I been referencing is finally here!

Let me introduce to you our network wide leveling plugin. Currently the plugin has 50 levels but will be expanded in the future to include more!

Stats Tracked
- Blocks Broken
- Blocks Placed
- Blocks Walked
- Kills
- Deaths
- Mob Kills
- Fish Caught
- Play Time

You earn exp from all the above stats which contributes to ...

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Top Voter, Reddit Post, Bug Fixes, Future Updates.
 ISkizzlesI •   about 1 month ago •  99

Happy August Void Guardians!,

This is going to be a bit of a long post but will be filled with useful information so lets get started.

Weekly Reddit Post
Yes this is back! Help us grow the community by up voting and commenting on our weekly reddit post! This has been proven to help grow the server even more than standard vote sites!

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Medieval Kingdom Build Competition Winners!
 ISkizzlesI •   4 months ago •  110

Winners of the Medieval Kingdom Build Competition are:

  1st - DimondMiner11 & LordChicken1 ($20 Store Credit + 1 Legendary Key & 2 Epic Keys)

 2nd - Database90 ($15 Store Credit + 1 Legendary Key & 1 Epic Key)

  3rd - Youriii & Tijn132 ($10 Store Credit + 1 Legendary Key)

 Participation Award - ForeverSanne, lirub09 ($5 Store Credit + 1 Epic Key)

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May Top Voter
 ISkizzlesI •   4 months ago •  74

Winners of our May Top Voter are..
1st: DataBase90: 286 votes<...

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